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The Golden Age Of Fun Of The Middle Class Of Democracy
1945 – 1979  Is Just Around The Corner –

I was walking around some beautiful ruins… last night in Washington Crossings Bowman’s tower when I thought-

There was a time when what we the people said mattered because we the people were the largest group of citizens with  shared values about justice shared views of the world as a place where liberty and the pursuit of happiness shaped the world  we walked.

” One for all and all for one ” was the motto of our lives  where the wealthy mingled with the not as wealthy and shared in the same  experiences ate the same Campbell’s tomato soup on a cold winter day watched the same TV shows such as The Jack Benny show or the Avengers revelled in the same  magnificent events as man stepped his foot on the moon…..some say it can’t happen again that it was a fluke.

I say no, I say it will happen again because it is and was the fruits of true democracy, a form of governing based on a wrinkled piece of parchment paper that says ” We the people hold these truths to be self-evident….

It is a guide a road map for the way back to a new golden era of peace prosperity and most importantly the pursuit of happiness for all.  Dream, dream with me and the dream will come true my fellow americans– across the globe.

When you live in the beautiful ruins of a revolutionary past it reminds you of what was fought for of how fleeting it can be and how every citizen is responsible for the state their country is  in – if you don’t like it change it!  Afterall George Washington Ben Franklin Harriet Tubman were all  just people with an idea, an idea about how they could make their country better.  So think, sit in a garden, sip a cocktail – wait for your idea your piece of destiny to appear before your eyes — then take action !  No matter how small, everything starts in the mind of one human being ruminating about life.

Cheers and start ruminating  don’t forget the cocktail, an american traditions!!!

Bowman’s Tower ( you look it up!)

Wsahington’s Crossing is just a spot by the delaware river’s edge where you can still stand and look out over to Trenton just as  George did  planing his trip to surprise the red coats…..

Nice Outfits!



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