Monday Night Flash Story Challenge

” A Pa;le Green Mermaid Blog “

Finish the story below it can be one sentence or 15 more, you decide!


It was a dark and stormy night…. Julinda opened the balcony window.
“Julinda Julinda,  a bouquet for you. “

She looked around but saw nothing.  Maybe she was hearing things.  She stepped out on to the edge of the rail looking for the eclipse promised at midnight.

” Julinda Julinda, here down here.

She stretched her head out looking below…..

Now read no further and write what happened next


My version

sure enough there was a hand with a bouquet of roses .

She said, ” I can’t see you please lean out from your balcony.

A brown-eyed man appeared wearing a tweed cap and holding a martini in his other hand.

” I’ve admired you from afar from afar.  Julinda here catch, ” and with that he threw the roses up.  They flew past her head then as they passed back down she reached out, but missed  catching a few petals in her hand.

” Sorry, ” she muttered.

” That’s alright, I will try again tomorrow.” With that he poured himself another martini from a pitcher he had and disappeared under her balcony.

“Hmmm ,”she said.  Then the corner of her eye caught the beginning of a blue moon eclipse.  She watched in wonder thinking the world can be a strange but – interesting place.


PEACE and Happy writing…..




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