Sitting Outside Starbucks, I heard,,,,,

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

The never ending So- Series…..

So, I was sitting outside Starbucks sipping a mocha minding my own bees-wax as usual when two people walked in front of me and said –

“I might be hurt, I might be upset  but I’ll get over it, as time goes on.” He said.

” OK…..” She said.

Hmmm, I thought –

Then as I took a gander across the street there stood that bank called Santander.  What an odd name I mused and why would a company use a name with the words both santa and satan in it….. Hmmmm

Thinking further and sipping my mocha latte I ruminated to myself,

” Did you ever think that you never had a really good conversation in your life? and that you might not ever have one?

But….. there will always be mocha javas, no matter wherever you go!!




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