How to Relax Tip Of The Day

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

So you come home irritated, what to do?

Numero Uno

-turn on music of choice
Dos – lie down on your back for 3-5 minutes yoga/meditation ! It will realign your back and calm the mind, the longer you can do it the better the effect.
Tres-  throw some spaghetti in to boil large amount,  chop veg -onion pepper what ever you like and have around, oil in pan heat veggies, add tomato sauce  or just butter – mix all together
Quatro – open 1 beer pour and sit and sip while watching old Jack Benny reruns – or Psych reruns, ( season 2- disc 4 has a perfect run of funny shows starting with -Lights Camera ….Homicido!)  till imbibement is gone –

Lights, Camera... Homicidio (2008) Poster
Cinco – eat spaghetti with large amounts of bread and real butter.

Loll around until ready to start evening chores or treat yourself! and just loll around all night!
If everyone did this we would have no, I say no wars – people would instead discuss things in a calm cool collected manner and resolve the issue …..which is the end point of any war….. anyway…..




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