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It is never the governmental  agencies per say that are the problem , it is the few at the top  who run the AGENCIES.

THAT IS WHERE  THE SOLUTIONS lay, in removing those individuals,

and in eliminating excessive funding of the military.

Excessive funding of the military leads to excessive domestic spying ,

and  excessive weapons production-  while at the same time congress looks at denying food stamps to veterans ????

What is wrong with this picture?

Also we have a banking system that refuses to lend to citizens, or readjust mortgages that citizens have except in a predatory fashion. ie huge interest rates and numerous fees.
Bust them down.  Small banks lend to citizens. Large banks think about investors first.

All these  problems are allowed by the rules that congress make, and by the appropriations (money) that they decide to spend, and where they decide to spend it.

As Ralph Nader said, it is the apropriations of congress that are the key to changing the laws and actions that citizens do not agree with.  No funding of domestic spying no domestic spying!  Easy as pie!

SOLUTION call /write congress with your ideas about where and how you think the money should be spent by congress !

I vote for giving food stamps to veterans and MORE and I vote to cut domestic spying to do so!
Think about it and write to cogress with your ideas!



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