How To Resolve Any Issue – World Peace Or What Pizza To Order For Lunch !

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Quotes from PIERS MORGAN interview


I asked him if he’d trust Russian leader Vladimir Putin, the man currently saving the world – supposedly – with his Syria peace plan.

‘Putin’s a hard man,’ he replied. ‘A very hard man. But he respects strength.

We used to kick everyone out of the room, then go at it with each other. And I mean GO at it. It would get brutally blunt in there. But we’d get stuff done, and agree on things.’

‘Did he keep his word to you once you’d agreed them?’

‘Yes, he did. Every time.

I always believed you should try and be very honest with people in private and if you want them to help you, try to avoid embarrassing them in public.’

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You have to meet face to face, be honest, state your position and be willing to see the other guy’s side.



Always leave an opening where your opposing partner can slip back into the discussion and take action.

Case in point, Syria.  Mr. Kerry opened that door (to exit from war) with his commnet, IF…. you do this …..I can do that!



Meeting With Israelis, Palestinian Leader Strikes a Conciliatory Tone on Peace Talks
Published: October 7, 2013

 RAMALLAH, West Bank — In a rare meeting with Israeli politicians, President Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority expressed optimism on Monday that a peace agreement could be reached in the nine months allotted to the current round of negotiations, and pointedly avoided questions that proved provocative in the past.


“We want flowers, not blood between us,” Mr. Abbas said in his first public comments about the attack on Saturday.

 “Someone who kills someone for no reason, it is as though they have killed an entire people,” he added. “There is no reason to kill people.”


Be willing to see the long haul make statements that hold promise, tell your opposition partner you see light at the end of the tunnel!


And with that any bunp in the road can be weathered!


Good luck and Good day!


(All right forget the veggie, bring on the sausage but — with broccoli and spinach!)



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