Hopscotch, Water Fountains and That Fast Food Burger

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Did you ever notice that fat-free food is taste-free food?  Fat is the demon they say, but is it really?  And that we are at fault, but are we?

Cows live appox. 16 months then we eat them .  They are given a hormone to fatten them up.  Guess what? We are eating that fattening hormone when we eat our burgers and perhaps we are fattening up the same way….. think about it…..

When I was but a tyke all buildings especially schools had a water fountain with ice-cold water at the entrance of a building and at the base of the stairwell or elevator.  One for adults and one for tykes…..Now, if there is anything, it is a soda machine – if a water fountain sat next to the soda machine I bet the soda machine would disappear from lack of use – think about it…..

I was walking on my am walk and what should my sleepy eyes see ? (6 am )  A hopscotch freshly drawn on the side-walk.  I jumped and hopped to the end!  That is a workout!  Kids today need more recesses so they can hopscotch and tether ball away their energy and be ready to sit and listen all the while becoming svelte and toned !

So maybe just maybe it isn’t our faul maybe t it is how our  current environment is shaped by corporations – think about it while you eat that burger…..


Answers.com – How do you fatten your beef cattle by hormone


A small capsule containing hormones for that animal (there’s different ones according to what gender the animal is and what you are trying to achieve in the fattening process) is injected into the ear under the skin of the steer or heifer. Usually one capsule is injected per animal. The capsule along with its contents is absorbed into the animal’s system and helps increase rate of gain or average daily gain and help with feed efficiency of that animal. In other words, the hormones act to help the animal gain weight faster and convert feed more efficiently into muscle and fat. It would likely increase the animal’s appetite as well.

Typically these hormones only last for 100 days, which means that these animals are not injected with hormones every day. The process to finish a steer or heifer inconsequentially also lasts for around 100 days or more.



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