Spanish Serpent Talk 2

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So, here is a blow up of the end of the serpent tail.  It appears to have bony protrusions here as well –




Here, in another blow up of the middle of the animal it appears that there is a 2 pronged fin!




My conclusions are thusly, ( I was not satisfied with the sketch so you will have to do your own!) the animal is shaped like a plesiosaurus –



except only one set of fins not two as this fossil/skeleton shows.

Then add 2 horns on top of the head and, I believe, from the middle of the neck down along the back of the body to the end of the tail, there was a line of  bony protrusions.  not unlike a stegosaurus pictured below,




But the whole thing has a more dragon feel to it I think, such as  in this St. George and the Dragon painting –



and look! the bony protrusions along the back…..

In conclusion, I think we have a real old storybook dragon on our hands in Spain akin to what mariners of old told tales about after returning from months at sea.

Think about it…..






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