More Sea Monster Talk (Spain)

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This sea serpent that was found washed ashore In Spain approx. a week ago is a fascinating puzzle that I think may very well have ramifications with the Loch ness  monster / plesiosaurs puzzle.

So, the first foto is a blown up version of the original foto taken in Spain. ( look at the bottom of the foto collage of the original fotos ) I increased the exposure and warmed up the colors otherwise it is the same foto.

If you look at the head of this specimen it appears that it had a horse like structure and a long thick neck like a horse with a long snout similar to an abbreviated horse head.

There has been some question as whether the horns are real.  I think it is clear from this blow up that they are, see how  boney and pointy they are.

Now look down the neck at the bottom of the blow up.  There appears to be another spiky protrusion!  It casts a shadow.

Below the blown up foto of the spanish serpent is a is a foto of an oarfish found in Spain.  Some are saying it is an oarfish, I disagree.  The oarfish is flat, not round as the spanish serpent is.  Also you can easily see the oarfish has no horns or bony protrusions as the Spanish  serpent does.

Also look at the tail of the spanish serpent  in the middle foto of the originals (collage).  There is a series of bony protrusions at the tail!

Tomorrow the blow up of that tail and my sketch of what the Spanish creature might have looked like.

I will be having a few margaritas tonight to help me with the production of that drawing ( truly it will just be a sketch), after all it is almost Labor day!!!!

See you tomorrow …..


ku-xlarge th ku-bigpic




Plesiosauria is an order of Mesozoic marine reptiles. Plesiosaurs first appeared in the Early Jurassic Period



oarfish, see how flat it is.




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