Sea Serpent Washes Up On Shore In Spain- Cousin Of Nessie?

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The sea serpent pictured below was found on the shore in Spain recently.  It was 13 feet long.  I find the horns quite interesting because I remember a report I read, where the eyewitness saw what they thought were ears on the Loch Ness monster. If you look down through the actual eyewitness accounts they are specific and detailed. The one I am thinking of was a person who was walking around the loch at dusk and came upon the Loch Ness animal.  It was stated that you could see the animal’s breath in the air in the form of steam.

Very very unusual…..

Have an fun-filled work week!


The Legend of Nessie the Ultimate Loch Ness Monster Site


seacreature spain seacreature spain


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