Girl Scouts Without Camps Is Like Peanut Butter Without The Jelly, A Tweeter With No Followers – It Simply Isn’t Kosher!

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Without sitting around a campfire melting s’mores and singing your hearts out, without using a latrine (oh joy), without being away from your parents  to explore the woods and streams  and without  sleeping on a wood frame –  your sleeping bag your only comfort….. well one simply is not a GIRL SCOUT!

The girl scout camps are essential in teaching self-reliance in general, how to survive on your own in the wilderness, how to work in and with a group of peers and what civilization means what wilderness means and how important both are to society.

These things, are the core of the girl scout philosophy – that girls can stand on their own in the wilderness and then transferring those skills to society.

You understand what it is like to have nothing but the clothes on your back, a bunsen burner and two sticks to light a fire.  It is a life altering experience that humbles and expands those who participate in it.

Please do not close the girl scout camps!

I still have my girl scout knife that I cut kindling with to build a fire, and used while searching for berries to eat, why that is why I have a swiss army knife  in my purse today because one thing the girl scouts taught me was…..


And I am …

“The golden sun sinks in the west, great spirits call their scouts to rest, we had our work, we had our play, we’ve tried to live, the girl scout way.”

– Girl Scout song sung at the end of each meeting


smores – take 2 graham crackers, one hershey chocolate bar, 3 marshmellows and press all together-  then hold with tongs over campfire!!


Monday, May 27 2013, 07:57 PM

Girl Scout camps to close KTVL.COM and The Associated Press JACKSON COUNTY, Ore.– Reports from across the country show a decades old tradition is on the chopping block. Girl Scout camps are closing after becoming victims of budget battles.



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