Did Tango Die?

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” The early tango songs that are being recorded now is the same as Rock and Roll going back and recording Little Richard or Chuck Berry. “

– Lucio Arce


The show is called,

The Death of Tango

A barbaric journey through the years with tango.


with Pablo

At  http://www.wprb.com


The discussion about tango in Argentina was  enlightening and absorbing and the music was  unusual and original.  The song I remember most had a dog  howling at the end and the sound of rain, I think it was,

La quimera del tango La muerte del tango La muerte del tango Oui oui records 2008
Lucio Arce El hijo del diputado Trajiste la guitarra? FONOCAL 2007
Lucio Arce Blues del sur Trajiste la guitarra? FONOCAL 2007
Lucio Arce Pisoton A la salida del cabaret EPSA Music

El hijo del diputado listed above from the show’s website at WPRB FM, Princeton NJ.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013
11:00 to 13:00


If you are in the mood for music that makes you think check it out.


Below from –http://www.verytangostore.com/quotes.html

– Stephen Brown:

” Tango is a dance in which is it easy to become obsessed with perfection. The taste of heaven that is found within tango may encourage some to seek perfection. Others may bring their own perfectionism to tango. But we should never confuse heaven and perfection. They are very different. The path of perfectionism often leads away from heaven — as we find ourselves accompanied and driven forward by demons that become all too familiar. If we pursue perfection in our practice, we are likely developing the demons that seek to keep us from effective dancing.

In tango, heaven is found through the simple gift of grace. That comes from getting out on the dance floor with the person that happens to be right for the moment, opening one’s heart and falling in love again. The times that this happens, one is just happy to be in the arms of another at the end of the tanda. “



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