Yoga / Mowtown Computer Relief Tip Of The Day

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Working on the computer one needs frequent breaks to save your body from taking a permanent computer stance i.e. bent over leaning towards the screen. Now my preferred stance is the lounge chair reclining position which saves back and eyes- (this is recommended by experts)

but even with that technique your body needs a boost throughout the day.

Boost one as follows,
1. Thirty jumping jacks ( amazing short term circulation boost)
2. The yoga shoulder stand hold 30 or 60 secs

3.  Lay flat on hard surface for 30 or 60 secs ( your spine will realign and cracks down into its natural position  – guaranteed   (put arms above head )
4. Listen to Ain’t Too Proud To Beg,  Temptations

Then begin again at your computer,
do as many times as required and call me in the morning!

Good Luck with your work projects!!

– Reference section –

Preferred yoga method,

Hatha yoga, also called hatha vidya (हठविद्या), is a system of yoga described by Yogi Swatmarama, a Hindu sage of 15th century India,

Put ain’t too proud to beg on repeat, Zowie !

It has horn, violins, bongos, sax, the funk brothers and who knows what else in that little ditty!! background below-

As a result, the singer was forced to strain through numerous takes in order to get out all of the song’s high notes. By the end of the “Ain’t Too Proud” recording session, recalls Temptation Otis Williams, Ruffin was “drowning in sweat and his glasses were all over his face”.[1]

What a song!!!!!!!!  What a song!


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