Book Of The Night -The Novels Of Dashiell Hammett

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Mr. Hammett wasn’t a favorite writer of mine, although I loved his THIN MAN movies, until I found an old copy of a  collection of his novels with a forward by Lilian Hellman at a library sale.  What luck! A true treasure of an artist  in the flow.  It was published in 1965 and the whole design of the book and cover speaks  of the clear concise funny prose.  The laughs come from showing not telling a joke- you will love this book.  So grab a read and enjoy a cozy night of mystery.



This is a scan of my copy, it’s a beauty in its simplicity.

recommended cocktail?

Molasses Paddy, remember those lollipops ?

My invention! a global unveiling!!

One part vodka ( Jacquins )

1 tablespoon molasses simple syrup (make with real molasses dark add water, about 1/4 cup)

slice lemon (squeeze please)

Seltzer (vintage seltzer, best no sugar plenty of pep)

shaved ice ( martini glass best)


Let me know what you think!



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