Mantras, Walking, Running Transitioning Your Heart To 2013

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


Minds  wear with repeated internal comments a rut – in your brain, ’tis true!  Mantras, comments that you decide to retrain your brain with, can indeed flush the unwanted out and replace with a fresh app for the brain!!

 My personal new APP-MANTRA is…..Peace (of mind ,world peace etc.) Prosperity (of spirit, of moolah etc) Love ( compassion for others, as the Dali Lama says -is the highest form of LOVE) 

Now how to put this new mantra into action, cleaning out all the ruts in a brain?  Repeat until a smile comes to your face as you walk run or sit, the smile is a sign that  your mantra-ware is working!  ( I must say this is an updated version of the T.R. Technique, thanks Tony!)

 So, start today, because if you change yourself – you change the world.




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