Big Government / Mini Government, What Does It All Mean?

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “

Government isn’t to be feared

Government is your neighbor down the street

Government is JOBS!

A too large government is not the problem.

A government that is not working is.

To fix a government that is not working, you…..

need to examine where the problem is and try ro resolve it through measured and concerted effort.

During election time you can vote out your representative whether they be a congress person senator or president.

This takes effort on the part of citizens to listen to each candidate and I say listen, because a lot of second-hand or third party messages are not to be trusted.

Listen directly to the candidates about their PLANS, decide which you think would resolve, what you consider the biggest issue facing the country.

Never listen to slogans such as,

Big Government Is The Problem“, it says nothing,

What are the details, list the steps that you would take, why is it a good idea?

So forget slogans ask for step by step plans and decide.

Good Luck!

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