Concerning The Recent Photo Of The Loch Ness Monster, Or as I prefer calling it, NESSIE!

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Here is the pic, in case you have not come across it,

ht loch ness creature inset nt 120814 wblog Scottish Sailor Claims To Have Best Picture Yet Of Loch Ness Monster

If you look at an enlarged view of this foto, as I have, you can see to the right as you look at the foto- a series of wakes poss. from the animal trying to slow down it’s forward progress which is exemplified by the diagonal water patterns, on the left side of the animal.

If you look at the enlarged image you can see through shaded patterns a backbone and the top of a leg muscle on the side of body facing the camera.

Now, I make these assumptions from a cursory review, if the foto could be enlarged, then with the brightness of the foto adjusted it would be evident, or not, as to whether my assessment is accurate.

The foto appears to be a digital image  which is box-like when enlarged, if the foto was a silver foto you could enlarge it and see the light patterns much more clearly (A dot based image).

If someone would do this I believe we could put this puppy to bed! (puppy being -question does the Loch Ness Monster live!)



What does “put to bed” mean?

 Complete something and either set it aside or send it on to the next step, as in We put the magazine to bed at ten, or They said they’d put the whole project to bed at least a month ago. This expression, transferring nighttime retirement to other kinds of completion, was first applied to a newspaper, where it meant “send to press,” that is, start to print. [Mid-1900s]
See for further info
UPDATE August 22, 2012,
To reiterate with the new image-
Here is my emphasized image of the one taken, I did not alter the image other than to saturate the color already there and play with the grey scale, the black and white already in the picture,
If you enlarge this foto you will see when I saturated the colors there that the body is a warm reddish color, the very backend is a cool green as in the neck where it enters the water – if you look at the edge of the hump it looks to me like a backbone and it is cool in color as skin over bone is, and near the back there is an indenting of the form where the leg would meet the bulk of the body,
it appears to me as a dense 3-D form-
now look at the water patterns around the form, you can see several wakes coming out from the form in different directions.
To me ,I see wakes that show it was moving forward then was trying to slow down to do something,
let me know what you think!
and above all have some fun with it ! -I feel it is a foto of some animal form ” elementary my dear Watson!”




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2 responses to “Concerning The Recent Photo Of The Loch Ness Monster, Or as I prefer calling it, NESSIE!

  1. I don’t know, it looks suspiciously like a dead fish to me. 🙂 But, hey, you never know! It could be Nessie.
    :)Check out my blog! Likes, Follows, Comments appreciated! 😛

  2. I am chuckling….. but honestly a fish that has seen better days would not make 2 kinds of water patterns as it sat in a loch….. Have a great night!

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