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This painting was the last painting that Raphael painted, the key to the painting are the two little cherubs looking up at the madonna and child with expressions of ?    You decide -but they are the most pensive little angels I ever saw.

Touching painting, out of all Raphael’s work I favor this piece- which goes to show that as a person or an artist or any other profession, you never know when your best work  will arrive so keep plodding everyone— the light around the corner is, almost here. 


Raphael sanzio 1483 1520 italian sistine madonna


Spanish English Proverb below, it seems to go with this painting…..

Everyman for himself and God for us all.

Sistine MadonnaArtistRaphaelYear1513–1514TypeOil on canvasDimensions265 cm × 196 cm (104 in × 77 in)LocationGemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden


Better copy from


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