Frugal Cool – How To Do It!

HOW to stay cool

take one ice cube put it on your underarm put arm down this will cool your whole body

take one ice cube place on throat where large vein is rest there this will cool head

take one ice cube place on inside of wrist hold there this will cool arms

if you have a porch sprinkle it with water this will cool back of house ( same in front) if no cover over porch less effective

buy a hand fan, sit in the shade with a iced drink

HOW to make an iced drink -fill glass with ice to overflowing THEN and only then pour liquid over, this will produce a meld of icey imbibement,

sip sip

sip again!

water feet with watering can or hands periodically- this really works!

I don’t particuarily like AC air, the noise the dead weight of the air, ( and save the planet’s resources by ignoring AC) so I search for other ways to stay cool.

At am and night use exhaust fan to pull in cool air by 8 am shut all doors windows the house will or should stay cool

buy ice cream eat it, I REALLY LIKE THIS remedy!!!!!, take shower when you can’t take it any more!!

sleep in a pajama made in vietnam seriously I bought one then 2 more, the material has little ( if it is a summer PJ) holes for extra air flow in the patterning that provide the most comfotable summer PJ I have ever found, all cotton of course I think it is because they live in a tropical zone!

But don’t drink too much water don’t do what my old dog pickle did…..

it was a dark and stormy night…wait it was a hot summer day, not unlike today, I was out in the yard and the sprinkler was on low watering the hedge I went to move the sprinkler to the next section of hedge when I came upon my pickle puppy he was prostrate on his back and he looked like a root beer barrel with legs??!!! he had waterlogged himself !!!! and he was still trying to lick the sprinkler with his tounge ! So beware you can only drink so much even if you are hot!

Oh pick you were a great dog miss you! He was a dog pound special.

So in closing I say embrace the heat don’t fight it !


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