So I was looking for a shop that sold “exotic “filters …


” A Pale Green Mermaid Ruminates “


honestly I have bought 3 filters for this  car each one -not quite right, so I am told, but I was getting closer- like Goldilocks I searched yet again for a filter that was just right…  I was told to go to a ” fast shop” ???   Off I went in search of the fast shop nestled amongst a number of tiny businesses with a street corner ending in a triangle, Grrrrrrr… I finally decided to go in a likely store and take a chance, I walked in and said I don’t think this  the shop I am looking for but…,

the fellow at the desk said after staring for a while  “I don’t think it is either , beautiful women like you never come here.”

 I thought to myself , let’s see I am 56 years old age I have more age spots than freckles on my hands and 3 count them 3 scars on my face that -just my luck- are moving and changing color as I age!!!    Oh joy— soon my friends will be calling me Scarface… of course there is the ever prevalent 40 extra lbs that bounce along with me everywhere  I go— as my unconscious mind receded back to the situation at hand , I said-

” Now now,  ” and told the gentlemen what I was looking for, they directed me to make a left make a right and quick left again – I found it, of course, it did not open until 9:30 am. ( I do chores early)

Driving away filterless -once again- I pondered the fleeting chaotic quixotic qualities of beauty and ruminated on what the purpose of it is in life and why is it many times unrecognizable to those who ( others think) have it  …and why, do people soup up cars and why oh, why do they end up in my driveway…


Have a fun Weekend!


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