So, I was getting a cup of java at my Fav. cafe…

Mermaids ruminate on the weekend especially, green ones


and I requested my usual mocha, extra whipped cream extra mocha , after being told the amount of buckeroos needed -I placed my twenty on my copy of the NY Times and served it up like a trout deluxe to the astonished cashier- we looked at it , then each other,

I gushed-” I am so sorry, I was just sitting at my local auto repair for approx. 4 hours with no breakfast or coffee hence my appearence here,”  the elderly gentlemen said ,

” That;s nothing , you should see the things I do …”

I walked away to the end of the bar to wait for my joe, thinking —

Wait, wait I am just a geezer-ette in training…  I haven’t yet reached full-fledged geezerdom  ! Sure I have more grey roots than brown, sure I have that one whisker that keeps returning every 6 months, sure I fall asleep around 9pm after making a long list of what I need to do that night but but….

I took my mocha NY Times  and sat down outside, letting the sun beat down on my latest copy of AARP.


(Weekend eating tip- anything pumpkin- pie cheesecake cookies with chocolate mint ice cream and cranberries on top.)

Have  a great weekend!!! 


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