Schaefer Fizz and Dragonfly Tales

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


In my quest to cool down by freezing everything I could get my hands on I tried frost-i-fying a Schaefer can of beer.  The results are thus,

a slushie of overflow

and shaved ice in the can itself-  hold in hand and wait for de-icing to occur!


Rule # 1 one you must open the can prior to placing in the freezer

Rule # 2 place a bowl underneath to catch the slushie mixture

rule # 3 start gardening


Repeat cycle until schaefer is gone or garden project is complete!!!


Whilst moving through the aforementioned process taking care to rest my weary bones in one of many adirondack chairs throughout the perfectly patterned gardenscape…HA! … … my respite included a gander at the latest Paris Review —as I hesitated to ponder my next line of attack on the greenery I rested said mag. on my shoulder and cast a glance to the left, at that moment a dragonfly with a five inch wing span buzzed by, then up and around,  resting at last on the P.R. cover… it was black with iridescent wings- edged in black, but an inch from my cheek.

I looked  over- it  looked at me- and we agreed, this was a great garden moment… minutes later after stretching it’s wings a few times, off it flew.

Remember you never know who you are going to meet in a garden so include it in life’s meanderings.  (bring along the Schaefer to help you reflect)



Thanks To Google For Image



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