Memorial Day Party Tips

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Holiday Drink for Memorial day


Cherry Russian

ice 1 cup

milk fill glass 3/4

Kailua 2 fingers

cherry vodka splash or two



( My original recipe made it up yesterday!)


multiply by 5 invite 5 of your favorite acquaintances

supply party hats, cheese fondue w/ veggies, dark chocolate fondue /  fruit 

monopoly for the capitalists  -chess for the thinkers – twister for the dancers



( invite a soldier  -current or former -or two to the festivities)




BEN FM is playing 300 summer songs 95.7  Philly  PA  FM, it can’t be beat for variety, oodles of songs.
Thanks to Google for Images
From Wikipedia below-
Memorial Day
Memorial Day
The gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery are graced by U.S. flags on Memorial Day weekend.
Type National
Date Last Monday in May
2010 date May 31
2011 date May 30
2012 date May 28
Observances Remembrance of Americans killed during war

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