Did You Ever?

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Did you ever?
Life’s unanswerable questions conundrums paradoxes in daily existence
Did you ever watch the birds in your yard – why each has a specific character traits, mourning doves love to argue, one following the other stopping to do a tiff, then flying away a few feet- the other follows and they repeat that really endlessly –
Blackbirds, the traveling packs love to bathe , why they will bathe all day- by noon (if you put out water at 5:30 am) it  is brown and needs to be replaced ! Squeaky clean they are.
Blue jays have to announce they are coming for 5-10 mins. with caws usually, then they arrive in foursomes  all dressed in blue feathers.
Cardinals go two by two, one brown one red… red always scopes the area out first so brown may arrive in peace, somewhat like the secret service and presidents.
Sparrows arrive by pack 20 to 30 or more! and when they start a chatting grab the ear plugs and watch as they fly in a solid swarm dipping and rising as they go.
And finally hawks they are direct looking for breakfast only… when they come by, the party is over, everyone heads for places unknown.
So watch your garden for signs of life it is a world within a world within a world.
Why do singers work with people who compete with them ? I was watching a duet and one singer was singing away while the other waiting their turn would look down -look away make a  pained face -I was wondering when that singer was going to take a sign out that said look at me!
Then the duet began and as the refrain started the same singer began to try to vocally drown out the other singer – the singer was loud, then they competed for who would have the last vocalization at the end of each phrasing… it was painful to watch !
Lesson- never compete in art both parties usually lose and the audience most certainly does.
Can anyone tell me why it takes this–
to trim this—
I recently bought this,
and no longer wake neighbors, smell or pay for gas  or wait to fill my container at the pump, I love it!!! (today’s technology is 1000 percent better than say a 1960 hand mower lighter, shaper blades and doesn’t get caught in high grass!  )
Happy trails…
See full size image
Ugarte: You know, Rick, I have many a friend in Casablanca, but somehow, just because you despise me, you are the only one I trust.
FROM www.imdb.com and the movie Casablanca
Thanks to Google for Images

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