Sunday Night Poem

Blog Calling

My blog calls to me

it whispers behind the tomato in the frig

it sings to me as I walk across the mountain ridge

where are you? come back

here I sit fonts and caps

ready to go go go…

remember, how you loved to push my publish button???

stop eating that mutton!

and come here-come near

to my warm glowing screen… … … !

Blog Calling


Dear blog,

     Don’t I stop by everyday to check your comments? and spruce you up?

Don’t I remove old erroneous posts to make your load lighter?

So please, let me be – I have a life to live, things I want to give ( after all the globe is awaiting my dusty little novel! and don’t remind me again that Agatha Christie wrote  one of her novels in a week… please! )

 – so relax have a megabyte or two- soon … I’ll be back with you.

Your ever lovin’ blogger


BHC   Etching/Collage – Okay so Vermeer is a tad better than myself… ???…



Girl with a Pearl Earring
Artist Johannes Vermeer
Year circa 1665
Type Oil on canvas
Dimensions 44.5 cm × 39 cm (17.5 in × 15 in)
Location Mauritshuis, The Hague

Above from



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7 responses to “Sunday Night Poem

  1. Judy Cook

    Is that you Barb? Fellow painter, artist, old friend, lover of Pickles the pooch?
    I actually saw Girl wth aPearl Earring last summer. You did a nice job.
    Sue directed me to your blog last night. How are things?

  2. Susan (Class) Darrah-Reilly

    I tried to post this last night but it was “awaiting moderation” whatever that means. Hello Newt! Love ur blog and the Vermeer-like artwork. I recognized ur style right away. Muzzie

  3. Tis I, Now are you referring to Sue C.??? How dare she read my blog without contacing me!!!! If you are reading this, Sue owner of f Misty the poodle who forced all of us to wear lavendar bridesmaid dresses… you had best email me. Thanks Judy will email you— lover of yamaha guitars and all things new mexican!

  4. Now all my secrets are really out, muzzie ( newt and muzzie candy striping team )! At word press they moderate comments with a delay and good for me as I can hardly type, Thanks Sue you opinion and Judy’s means so much …it is so funny as you were in a dream a couple of nights ago. Will email you !

  5. Hi Barb, Sue Class sent me your link. We’re on the WW HS facebook page. My website is How are things after all these years?

  6. Hi John! I’m still the same goofball I always was!!! How is your art going? I remember landscapes you did. Thanks for stopping by and i will check out your site!

  7. Still plugging away here and there. Did some cartoons for an antique car club magazine . Doing a mural for a friend in Vermont. The mural isn’t on my web yet. Hearing from alot of WWHS people lately.
    Also heavily involved with energy healing. Reiki.

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