Dreaming Of The Coastlines Of New Jersey

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


Winter is mercifully over! And thoughts turn to the sun sand and oceans here are a few NJ flashbacks from summer’s past…

What I have found at the shore-

A pure white jaw of a baby shark – complete with tiny Sharp! teeth.

 What I have viewed-

An algae covered ancient looking seal- all brown- sun bathing -tummy up as he floated by my beach blanket in the warm blue waves, he looked over at me with watery brown eyes ( I think  he winked)

What I have experienced

Realizing that I forgot my favorite salmon colored flip-flops at the water’s edge where I always sit letting the waves rinse my toes…came next week and there they lay, on the high dry part  of the beach, salt encrusted  and faded after many trips to the ocean and back- waiting for me.

Happy Pre -Summer Wishes!


Essentials for shore -NY Times, Cassette player, Lilian Jackson Brown Mystery Tapes, Grapes,  Flip-flops, Beach chair, Mirror sun glaseses, Notepad, Pen and Time.



Images Courtesy of Google


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