Celery Hearts And The Continuing Bush Economic Blight

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


I went to the local asian market yesterday and saw celery hearts costing  3 bucks… and I thought this isn’t good, when common vegetables begin to become pricey- a problem is brewing.


This post is a warning – we are heading into a dark economic period for the skinny cats – I know what it is like to have no food for a day, you say to yourself oh well, I’ll diet today …

there is no disgrace in having no money and so many now literally do not, we who do need to help and protect those who do not…

It is time to get back on our horses fellow democrats and like-minded people – a confluence of events including the republican gains are working together to create hard times for all but the very wealthy.

So saddle up… and as my grandfather who lived to be 96 and through the depression said,


” Barbara the problem is GREED. “


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FACT – President George Bush Came into office with a  (Clinton) surplus in the budget he left with a trillion-dollar deficit.


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