Ginkgo Stairways – A True Ghost Story

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True ghost story

I was house sitting at a farm in bucks county, the house had 3 different sections dating back to the 1700’s.  One of my chores was to feed the dog,  it was a hot summer day and the house was all locked up as I came down stairs from the third floor after watering the various plants ,as I said it was rather large house with alot of nooks and crannies, I was sweating profusely as I began walking towards the main spiral wooden stair case, it filled one whole room and ended at the entry way, I began to descend when I lost my footing and grabbed the rail -which was loose- at that moment  I got an overwhelming feeling that someone had been pushed down these stairs… I stood there at the top of the stairs for some time sweating with my heart pounding .

I walked down and quickly finished my last chore -water for the dog as I filled the bowl and walked down the long farm style kitchen I felt a cool breeze brush the side of my face …it was refreshing until I realized that all the windows and doors were closed on this hot humid summer’s day.

I drove fast down the long dirt and gravel driveway dotted with arching ginkgo trees and did not look back.







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