John Butterworth, NPR And The Economy

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Are you there?


I guess he’s not…


The traffic today


If you are a NPR listener in Philly you know of the ever late John Butterworth -traffic reporter…  when he is  listening for his cue…

In the beginning of this bad economy I noticed that Mr. Butterworth was almost always there when the commentator would cut to him and a traffic update… hmmmm so he can catch his cue… time went by and the economy improved and —




Are you there?


JOHN,  John?


 So now I know the economy is improving because J. Butterworth feels confident enough  that he is the late John Butterworth again!!!


I imagine him sitting in the corner of a cubicle reading Ibsen as the cue comes in… … …


“And here is the traffic report with John Butterworth… John…John…”




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