Poetry Pit Stop – Electronic Leashes

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “





She carried an electronic leash

wherever she went

it SAID to her—

” Hello ”  how’s trix?,who said, she said, said what?, said when?, it can’t be, did you buy the tea?

the days went by

her ear became sore-

he said ?

she said ?

said what ?

said when?

it can’t be!

did you buy the tea?

the sun rose …

and the sun set…


pretty soon

her life was near its end,

her electronic leash SAID-



she took that electronic leash jumping out of her bed,


ran down the street and to the river’s edge

and as it SAID— he said, she said, said whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…


it hissed as it sank below the surface,


She sat at the river’s edge thinking, and winking at the fish as they swam by

soon a canoe glided near inquiring if she needed a lift to Kalamazoo ?

she  paddled away with her new friend-

no one ever heard of her again…


Some say she finally finished that novel of her’s and spent her time dancing in travelling gypsy shows,


but no one really knows…




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