What is Rock and Roll?

” A Pale Green Mermaid Stops By Her Blog”



Watching the Alejandro Escovedo and the Sensitive Boys play at the Stone Pony in NJ  (with a special guest musician) and then reading the hoopla about this and that standards being met, I thought, just what is rock and roll?


As I remember it…

It is about  fun

not conforming

being yourself (whoever that is)

the music

 the band and that cosmic cloud created when  the fun level reaches maximum height.

Alejandro understands, it’s all about bass and drums and the crowd and the band, that you tube has it in spades…

I wonder what people today would say about Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Joe Cocker???  ( that reminds me, Mr. Springsteen was channeling a little Cocker /Joplin that night!) -and kudos to that band – Wow!!!

Remember rock is about changing the world for the better through dancing and speaking truths and having lots and lots of fun… Fun is  sloppy has rough edges and falls down flat on its face sometimes… BUT it always gets up!… (Another words you have to push creativity  beyond the places where you live to break through to a new part of  your expression— you have to go farther, remove your self imposed rules to find that expansion of your creative /expressive life.

That is why dictators outlaw the arts and music as soon as they take power, because every dictator knows the antidote to fear is FUN.


  Check it out, you tube it again…see what I mean!!!  (Rolling Stone has best and all versions – esp. The Stones Beast of Burden)


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