Poem – “Astounding Story”

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C. O. a. M. 2003

His art became his cross to bear

his venus fly trap

he surrounded himself with those he could control

in the end they controlled him

saying ” It’s time.”

(time to make us more money)

he listened, his center gone

his compass tilted

pointing in a circle

then it came — — —

and he was free to go.

(and she was at peace.)




H or W

Heal or wait

heal or wait

I have to heal… … …

my life is of import as well.


My miracle. my letter- nothing yet.. but to walk with my hand,

 as before -empty..

deepens your path-

your light-

to do what was needed,

is a gift you give yourself… … …

afterall on the other side there are

no cars

no rings

no houses-

only what you have done

and your intentions…


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  1. An interesting array, I like the first in the series best…not particular reason..it just appealed to me more.

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