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The other day as I finished writing a poem that seemed to be the end of a certain category/ subject  of  writing,  I thought

It’s like seeing a shootings star… it is gone in less than a second after you glance up in the sky, I wonder how many people even see falling stars, they are so ephemeral, brief –

it is the tail of that falling star that reminded of what it is like to try and catch the words /feelings/observations that fly through my mind as I sit here ,walk there…

you never know when it will start -sometimes you can dig out the expression, but more likely the words start to form into verses  many times at inopportune times such as just as one begins to fall asleep…

 many times I let it go knowing I will never catch that poem again.


It is interesting and I wonder where the words come from, many times it is as if you are watching a movie.


that is it for today -keep writing, painting etc.!





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