Support Mr. Jack Johnson’s Locks – Worldwide Petition!

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I missed Jack Johnson’s appearance on The Ellen Degeneress show, to my regret – but while catching the performance on You tube… to my further dismay, I was shocked shocked that his new do had vanished!!!

That renaissance/troubadour freeform coiff disappeared! With curls like that one needs to let them flow, so this is a worldwide petition to request,

with deference, that Jack let it grow let it grow let it grow!!



Sail away with Jack Johnson

 Published: Today 

 SURF star JACK JOHNSON is one of the nicest guys in the music world – donating 100 per cent of his tour profits to charity.

And the Hawaii-based singer has shown off his generosity again, giving Bizarre readers an exclusive chance to get a first listen to every track from his chilled out new album, To The Sea.  The scorching preview coincides perfectly with the wave of great weather sweeping the UK.



Posted on May 25th 2010 4:00PM by Charley Rogulewski

The stripped-down show, which fans got free tickets to after participating in a two-hour beach cleanup the previous Saturday with Johnson’s label Brushfire Records and the Heal the Bay charity, served as a preview of his forthcoming album, ‘To the Sea.’ Johnson sampled a total of five new tracks, with one featuring a reggae, staccato “uh-oh-oh” refrain that will fit nicely with his hits like ‘Flake’ and ‘Bubble Toes,’ which he also played for the eco-friendly audience.

Johnson opened up the set with the new album’s punchy first single, ‘You and Your Heart,’ before launching into songs off each of his other beloved records. Off the more recent ‘Sleep Through the Static,’ Johnson played ‘If I Had Eyes’ and ‘Same Girl’; off ‘In Between Dreams,’ there was ‘Sitting, Waiting, Wishing,’ a ukulele version of ‘Breakdown’ and ‘Staple It Together’; and ‘Wasting Time’ off ‘On and On.’ He even threw in two covers:

“I thought there was a taco truck down there,” Johnson told the adjacent onlookers listening in from the beach, which was about four times as big as the pier, “but then I went on the Ferris wheel and saw it was a screen.” To deal with the huge stowaway crowd, a giant projector screen was set on the sand.

“It’s not banana pancakes, but we’re getting closer,” Johnson joked to a front row heckler throwing out requests. Instead, he opted for the mellower “new love song,” ‘From the Clouds.’ Ironic yet always mindful, Johnson told all the ‘Good People’ down on the coast to pick up after themselves on their way out and then returned for a solo encore of ‘Better Together.’ By the end of the night, few, if any fans, were chilly — the king of surf and mellow moods had warmed everybody up.

‘To the Sea’ is out on June 1





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