Poem – ” For Some “

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I always thought 

there was one, 

just one 

for some- 

Cary Grant Katherine Hepburn one 

lighthearted one 

but only one 

for some- 

still… only one 

that turns suddenly into… … … none 

and flips into 

your path. 

A path of ONE! 



( I can’t help myself I still believe in one, it is too good a dream to cast aside!) 








( You know when I was in high school and you came home and on TV they played the late late movie show, the  movies were from 20’s,30’s,40’s , I think I have seen every movie made in those years – I just gobbled them up! …Look at what is on today for kids…) 



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  1. Perhaps the bigger question is how did we let or induce the change that we see…I know most of those old movies …and cartoons that required that you had to have a vocabulary to get the humor…much has and will change…enjoyed your thoughts shared within this poem.

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