Poem – ” Sitting Back “

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


No one knows what is going on
you don’t know
I don’t know
metaphysical even quizzical???

sometimes it seems that all is clear-


this situation, this libation –

to our spirits

it is odd old sod,


why is it co complicated?

why so gold plated?

why so important?

In the scheme of things

just another dream

in a world of broken dreams

why is the universe nudging us

fudging with us…

I look for the point beyond meta – physical,

and I am lost-

Can you tell me?

Till then I’ll just sit back, hoping I’m on track.


Clarification – Meaning old sod – term of endearment

( That is how I have heard it used, but looking it up there are many meaning all negative! I have also noticed while researching words that the most inane simple word is used somewhere by someone as a sexual reference – That is never the case on this blog , in case anyone is wondering!)


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2 responses to “Poem – ” Sitting Back “

  1. I really can recall who said it but perhaps Zen or one of that group…indicated that “Men spend so much time trying to figure out the meaning of life, that they don’t have time to live it.” Seems appropriate to me given your poem which I enjoyed reading.

  2. Your quite a philosopher…in times of struggle people such as myself take time to review and try to make sense of what just happened to them, but I agree that it is a danger of getting stuck in assessing and not living! Thanks as always!

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