Saturday Night Peace Demonstration in Jerusalem!

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Last saturday night thousands of activists  expressed their hope for peace between Israel and Palestine.  Speeches were given and dreams for peace planted in the city of Jerusalem.

Peace now organized the demonstration – the message they sent out was,


” Peace is more pro-Israel than continued settlement activity .”


 “In the words of former Knesset Member Tzvia Greenfield: “Zionism cannot be subordination and land theft. Zionsim cannot be control over the weak. Judaism is not theft and conquering the weak. That is not Zionism. That is not Jewish.”


“This demonstration is an important milestone in our effort for peace. Israelis are increasingly vocal in their desire to see their government pursue policies that will end the occupation and bring about a two-state solution.”


This is a very important time in the peace movement and those seeking peace in the middle east need all the support we can give.

So, if you care about peace – contact congress and tell them so!



 Image Courtesy Of Google

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