Poemic-Koanic-Haiku ” Out Of The Blue”

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “




In my dreams they told me,

” Don’t turn your back on love.”


In my dreams they told me,

” Trust your heart.”


But what is love?


what is my heart saying to me?


When she read my cards she said –

” You have something to give.”


” You have a cross with burnt edges –

before your head.”


She told me everything I needed to know…

But, I still don’t know what she said???




 Image Courtesy of Google




Filed under Metaphysics, Poetry

2 responses to “Poemic-Koanic-Haiku ” Out Of The Blue”

  1. Reminds me of some statistical results…absolutely sure about very little…enjoyed your post…thanks!

  2. My new motto! Absolutely sure about very little…except that I won’t be returning to this planet after I exit !- of course, I could be wrong, you never really know…it is just a plan…
    love my commenterazzi ! Thanks!

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