Locomotion Art And Being In The Moment

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Locomotion –

(n.) The power of moving from place to place(n.) The act of moving from place to place.

In art creating that sense of locomotion of existing in real-time in movement when actually you are sitting, watching, reading or listening can be achieved using words, paint, music, images anything, even a seemingly unmoving piece of sculpture can express locomotion.

Love being in that moment when everything is popping around you and the ground is shaking under your feet (metaphorically) and you don’t know what is going to happen next,


Screwball comedies have it, Psych has it all good novels have it, from the start they have you by the tail but pieces with locomotion also push you along at breakneck speed,

“Don’t say anything. “                Psych, DVD, ” The Greatest Adventure in The  History of Basic Cable TV” episode

“She’s The One “                            Music,   Springsteen,  Born To Run – Album

Even in painting you can produce a feeling of locomotion through placement and emphasis that makes the eye move where you want it to releasing a sense of awe or excitement.

 Artemisia Gentileschi


Andy Warhol

To prove me wrong or right you will have to rent the DVD  and you tube the song, let me know what you decide!


Peace, have a locomotion studded night!


Images Courtesy of Google



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