Poe-m-eta ” In Time “

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “






Hand outstretched

such a lovely beginning

let’s create a fitting end


Syncopation + elation

could again

 be our destination


The incident

the accident

of hearts unwound,

still in time.

Salsa anyone?



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2 responses to “Poe-m-eta ” In Time “

  1. Okay, the ending caught me off guard so…it was a good thing no one was around to hear me laugh aloud…otherwise I might be a candidate for the happy-daisy-farm-for-those-who-should-have-passed-on…but fortunately for me I’m along…enjoying your post.

  2. The way these are coming out, I can’t say that salsa was even on my mind as I started the piece – so it’s sort of a surprise to me as i re-read after writing, I think one part is my subconscious mind that keeps generating these -then my conscious mind says, honestly you can’t go on with this drivel have mercy on your readers! lighten up…and there it is!
    But it is working to resolve issues…don’t we all have issues!!!
    so enjoy these comments!

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