Poetic Reflection – ” Handlers “

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “ 


handlers handlers 

convince you 

pinch you 

until you crack 

that you don’t know – you! 

that you sucked 


Art is 



by the generator 

not the 

perpetrator, not the confiscator 

lose your faith in your 

own mind – 

let them ride 

on the side 

of your coattails 

You were so young 

so unsure 

without you …they… 

yet you still refuse to believe, 

to concieve 

in anything 

even yourself 

unless your handlers say 

A -OK 



they do not mix. 

(Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Artemesia – nada handlers,  great spirits) 

Circles of fire, circles of fear — think…


Your forgotten work awaits you…


Image Courtesy of Google

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One response to “Poetic Reflection – ” Handlers “

  1. How well you capture “selling out”….well said here and much appreciated.

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