Poem – ” Emotional Dinosaurs “

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “




Emotional dinosaurs

they roam this earth

yes, they still exist…


They say things like ” We were in it to get laid ”  (Hardy har har)

and  paid

and finally become staid


They relish their positions in life

they think they were rabble-rousers

poor fools


they were only tools

for a much larger opening of consciousness

a clearer path

merely onlookers to a great battle

that still rages

through the ages


” What’s wrong with a little peace, love and UNDERSTANDING? “

Emotional dinosaurs, they still roam this earth.



 Trilobyte, 400-500 million years old


Images Courtesy of Google




1. hardy har har 176 up, 7 down
When something is funny, but is directed at a group as a insult.
Shrug it off by saying hardy har har
1- this test was easy
2- just like your mom
1- hardy har har
by Dan p Jan 26, 2005 share this
2. hardy har har 9 up, 1 down
sarcastic laughter; when a cheesy joke is made you respond with this to show that that joke wasn’t funny at all. See badum tish
Person 1: “I went to a seafood disco last week…and pulled a mussel.”
Person 2: “Hardy har har.”







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