Red Letter Days And Where Ideas Come From…

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Orson Wells -Actor, director, writer, producer and voice actor.



Orson Wells is a great example of a person who was able to foment great ideas into films, he may have faltered in his later years but one creation that changes the world whether the world of cinema or any other field is monumental – the creative process is a lot of hit and miss, the misses set the groundwork for the hits.

But where do ideas come from?

The main way to reach the stream – your stream – of ideas is to sit and wait.  While you are waiting you can read the newspaper, as I do, or any other innocuous activity done at the same time everyday, lays the groundwork –  builds a frame in which ideas can appear.

Early in the am or late in the pm – anytime you have nothing on your plate , nothing in front of you to do, immediately.  That way your mind is free to roam and pick and pluck from your heart, spirit or mind eventually twisting that into an idea which bubbles up into your conscious mind.

Marilyn Monroe is another example of a person who created something unique using her body as a canvas and acting skills as a palette she was able to give to the world an image that still resonates today… only she could give that gift – it could only come from her, these are the ideas you are looking for something intrinsic to you and your experience of life.

Marilyn Monroe  – Actor, comedienne, singer, producer and model.

I read she would say to her friends watch this and she became ” Marilyn”,


Good luck with your creation of ideas… and I expect to see results!






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2 responses to “Red Letter Days And Where Ideas Come From…

  1. awesome shots from the past.
    its amazing how far photography has come

  2. Thanks, Did you notice that the older fotos are much darker and richer than the newer digital fotos? I thought that my blog had been upgraded as I scanned my home page then realized it was the old fotos! Have a good saturday!

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