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The Answers!



“What did the fish say when a motorcycle hit the side of his fish bowl at 50 miles an hour?”



Steve, a party magician, is carrying three pieces of gold each piece weighing one kilogram.

On the way to a session he comes to a bridge which has a sign posted saying the bridge could hold only a maximum of 80 kilograms.

Steve weighs 78 kilograms and the gold weighs three kilograms.

He reads the sign and still safely crossed the bridge with all the gold.

How did he manage this?


Steve is a juggler. When he came to the bridge he juggled the gold, always keeping one piece in the air. 


 What is bought by the yard and worn by the foot?



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2 responses to “PGM – Riddle Answers To Wednesday’s Riddles

  1. John

    About Steve the magician. An intereting story, but I doubt it would work, as Newton’s 3rd law is not taken into account.

  2. John

    Further to the above, Steve might get away with it if he threw 1kg of gold across before he set foot on the bridge, then ran across and caught it.

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