Loch Ness Monster Fotos, UFO’s and Candy Apples

 ” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


This picture was discovered to be a hoax,

This picture was taken in 1933 by Hugh Gray

monster2.jpg A 1975 underwater photo by Rines appears to show the body, flipper, neck, and head of a large animal in Loch Ness.

From  www.loch-ness.org

Now you can decide, but if you have come across a UFO as I have in 1974, viewed at  midnight as I waited for my ride home -at college ( in a spitfire ahhh …those were the days…candy apples cracking in the breeze as cool tart apple juice ran down our chins all while bizzing through the Newtown countryside as your hair -mine and Jim’s long blonde hair, both wiped up in some kind of french twist whirlwind sports car quirk of nature, straight up – don’t know how that works – perhaps a spitfire enthusiast would know…anyway I digress) -waiting for his class to end, when what before my eyes should appear  but a sleigh and eight tiny rein …wait that’s not right… yes… I believe it was a flat-out, clear as a bell , UFO hovering above the tree tops that surrounded the campus, your regular sombrero type with red and green flashing lights around the band, so it lurched forward in 1/2 a sec, I, standing on my bench by now, fell backwards it was so quick then it dropped into the trees ,,,soon after a fellow came walking by… but if you have experienced a UFO  you realize the world is a very mysterious thing-

I say yes!! It exists! (there are many written accounts that are pretty hard to deny), so add it to your retirement to-do list – It’s on mine !!

Have Fun, Smile right now!


 It was a 7 speed -I think…lots of downshifting,

Now it was low- I have a Honda 95,  ( which a certain sector of the male population seem to be enamored of,  I hear comments such as cool, I bet it goes really fast as I sit at lights, my other honda- at the time I owned it- was listed in NY Times as the fastest is that a word? car in the world, when souped up… all of this is merely happenstance – the cars I own always seem to be of interest..Dodge dart 67 need I say more??? )

that is low, BUT,

The spitfire is LOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. maybe couple inches off the ground.

So…Triumph Blue 66?? think so.


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