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Laurie Anderson’s music is evocative cerebral and chockfull of double entendres – Kokoku floats around your ears landing smack dab in the middle of your heart…funny too!


Song: Kokoku      Artist: Laurie Anderson  (Mister Heartbreak)

I come very briefly to this place. I watch it move. I watch it shake. kumowaku yamano. watashino sakebi. watashino koewo. ushano kokoku. watashiwa sokoni. watashiwa asobu. mountain with clouds.
. my voice. home of the brave. I’m here now. and lost. they say the dead will rise again. and here they come now. strange animals out of the ice age. and they stare at you. dumbfounded. like big
Akes. and we say: keep cool. maybe if we pretend this never happened, they’ll all just go away. watashiwa sokoni. watashiwa asobu. mewotoji. mewotoji. kikunowa kotori. watashino sakebi. watashin
Wo. I am here in this place. losing. my eyes are closed. closed. birds are there. hearing something. shouting. my voice. (and yet, we could all be wrong. wouldn’t be the first time.) kumowaku ya
Watashiwa sokoni. watashiwa asobu. kumiwaku yamano. kikunowa kotori. watashino sakebi. mountains with clouds. I am there. lost. mountains with clouds. birds are there. hearing something. a shou
Ey say the world is smaller n
Ow. small world. they say that man is taller now. tall man. they say the stars are closer now. thank you, lucky stars. you come very briefly to this place. jikanwa tomaru. ushano kokoku. time is
Ped. home of the brave. and on a very distant star, slimy creatures scan the skies. they’ve got plates for hands. and telescopes for eyes. and they say: look! down they say: watch it move. watch
Hake. watch it turn. and shake. watashiwa sokoni. watashiwa asobu. kumowaku yamano. watashino sakebi. watashino koewo. mewotoji. mewotoji. I am there. lost. mountains with clouds. a cry. a shout
Eyes are shut. shut. and we say: watch us move. watch us shake. we’re so pretty. we’re so pretty. we say: watch us move now. watch us shake. we’re so pretty. shake our hands. shake our heads. we
E our feet. we’re so fine. the way we move. the way we shake. we’re so nice.

If you liked that listen to,


Song Let X =X     By L.A.  ( Big Science )

I met this guy – and he looked like might have been a hat check clerk at an ice rink. which, in fact, he turned out to be. and I said: oh boy. right again. let x=x. you know, it could be you. it
Sky-blue sky. satellites are out tonight. let x=x. you know, I could write a book. and this book would be think enough to stun an ox. cause I can see the future and it’s a place – about 70 miles
Of here. where it’s lighter. linger on over here. got the time? let x=x. I got this postcard. and it read, it said: dear amigo – dear partner. listen, uh – I just want to say thanks. so…thank
Anks for all the presents. thanks for introducing me to the chief. thanks for putting on the feedbag. thanks for going all out. thanks for showing me your swiss army knife. and uh – thanks for l
G me autograph your cast. hug and kisses. xxxxoooo. oh yeah, p.s. I – feel – feel like – I am – in a burning building – and I gotta go. cause I – I feel – feel like – I am – in a burning buildin
Nd I gotta go.
From Wikipedia,

Big Science is the 1982 debut album by avant-garde artist Laurie Anderson and the first of a 7-album deal she signed with Warner Bros. Records. It is best known for the 8-minute epic “O Superman“, which reached #2 in the UK. The album is minimalist and monochrome in sound, and like a great deal of Anderson’s work is based largely on spoken word. It is a selection of highlights from her eight-hour production, United States Live, which was itself released as a 4-LP box set and book in 1984. United States Live was originally a performance piece, in which music was only one element. After Big Science music played a larger role in Anderson’s work.[1]

Although considered her debut album, Anderson had previously recorded one side of a 2-LP set titled You’re the Guy I Want To Share My Money With, a collaboration released on Giorno Poetry Systems with William S. Burroughs and John Giorno. She had also contributed two pieces to a 1977 compilation of electronic music.

A newly remastered version of the album was released on 18 June 2007 by Nonesuch/Elektra Records with new liner notes, and, in the data portion of the CD, the bonus track “Walk the Dog” (B-Side of the original “O Superman” single) and the “O Superman” video.

The album has been sampled in a number of hip hop songs:


Mister Heartbreak
Studio album by Laurie Anderson
Released February 14, 1984
Recorded July 1983–December 1983
Genre Avant-garde
Experimental music
Pop music
Length 40:16
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Laurie Anderson
Bill Laswell
Roma Baran
Peter Gabriel
Professional reviews
Laurie Anderson chronology
Big Science
Mister Heartbreak
United States Live



Mister Heartbreak is the second album by avant-garde artist, singer and composer Laurie Anderson, released in 1984.

Considered more mainstream than its predecessor, Big Science, the album’s lead track, “Sharkey’s Day” formed the basis of a popular music video. Author William S. Burroughs read the lyrics of the closing track, “Sharkey’s Night”, while Peter Gabriel provided backing vocals on “Excellent Birds,” an alternate version of which, titled “This is the Picture (Excellent Birds),” also appeared on his album So. The song “Gravity’s Angel” borrows imagery from Thomas Pynchon‘s Gravity’s Rainbow.

Most of the songs on this album were later performed in Anderson’s 1986 concert film Home of the Brave. Burroughs appears in that film and appears in two brief segments reciting lines from “Sharkey’s Night,” although it is Anderson herself who performs a complete version of the song at the film’s conclusion


Last heard???? Someone should play her music… Peace


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