Art, Rough Around The Edges Is What Makes It Real

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “


A small  piece of art that is from the ether, heart the essence of who that spirit is makes a vibration that clouds around and through the expression of that piece which then connects to the viewer.  That sense of awe or wonder that art can create is a physical manifestation of that  wave, tone, color feeling. (Hogwash you say? Perhaps -read on anyway)

Never listen to anyone who tries to tell you can or cannot do something in the arts.  only by attempting to conclude your aspiration will you ever know if it is possible , more importantly, is it what you saw or felt in your mind , does it make sense to you? 

If it does then there is a reason for it existing in this world and it contributes.

So anyone whether you are in your 40th year in the arts or just beginning, do it – take that jump into the unknown, you might surprise yourself!

Peace and Happy Art Making  


 The fun of life is falling flat on your face and having a great good laugh  while you get up…again and again…


(I love this disc)




I wanted you. And I was looking for you. But I couldn’t find you. I wanted you. And I was looking for you all day. But I couldn’t find you. I couldn’t find you. You’re walking. And you don’t always realize it, but you’re always falling. With each step you fall forward slightly. And then catch yourself from falling. Over and over, you’re falling. And then catching yourself from falling. And this is how you can be walking and falling at the same time.


Now that reminds me of one of my many fantasies, to see Bruce Springsteen and Laurie Anderson collaborate on an album, They are very similar, at the center of their music -so this is me making a blind date between Bruce and Laurie – come on guys, it’s a great idea!




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