Gallery Chat Special – A Walk Through King Tut’s Tomb With Howard Carter / Seis

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The burial chamber was surrounded by walls filled with images of egyptian life,

 The layout of the full tomb below courtesy of ,








Howard Carter wrote,

‘It was, beyond any question, the sepulchral chamber in which we stood, for there, towering above us, was one of the great gilt shrines beneath which kings were laid. So enormous was this structure (17 feet by 11 feet, and 9 feet high, we found afterwards) that it filled within a little the entire area of the chamber, a space of some two feet only separating it from the walls on all four sides, while its roof, with cornice top and torus moulding, reached almost to the ceiling. From top to bottom it was overlaid with gold, and upon its sides there were inlaid panels of brilliant blue faience, in which were represented, repeated over and over, the magic symbols which would ensure its strength and safety. Around the shrine, resting upon the ground, there were a number of funerary emblems, and, at the north end, the seven magic oars the king would need to ferry himself across the waters of the underworld. The walls of the chamber, unlike those of the Antechamber, were decorated with brightly painted scenes and inscriptions, brilliant in their colours, but evidently somewhat hastily executed. “


Outside the tomb the press waited,

After opening the first sarcophagus the cleaning and cataloging began,

Inside the sarcophagus lay still more treasures and secrets…


To be continued…


Note:   Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt  The British Museum, London, England    The Metreopolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA

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