Poem -” Snow “

” A Pale Green Mermaid Blog “



Don’t blow,

And mound up,

Miles of piles,

With no style,

Heaps of white,

Does it bite?

Or take a light?

Pounds of snow,



I see a robin,

Playing with a bobbin,

On the edge of a pine,

Wasting time,

Hoping those worms,

Have long life terms,

As they sleep,

Under the snow so deep,

Making the robin weep,




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6 responses to “Poem -” Snow “

  1. wow,
    lovely snow poem.

    I wrote snow Haiku too.
    beautiful writing!

  2. My what fun…well it’s really funny to me since we don’t have snow here where I live…but love hearing about it.:-)

  3. I looked for the snow poem but found the pink poem with mention of other colors, me likee! I can see from perusing your blog that you are very sweet, watch out – you might be too sweet for this world…

  4. Thanks! believe me you are not missing anything! Enjoy the heat!

  5. i wouldn’t have guessed this was excellent a couple of years ago nonetheless its crazy exactly how years switches the method by which you experience distinct creative concepts, thank you regarding the blog post it is really nice to see anything smart occasionally in lieu of the usual rubbish mascarading as blogs on the web, cheers

  6. Hi, Your comment came in as spam but I like the way you write and the review of how ones standards change as the quality of your creative surroundings change is true, the compliment / zap compliment twist in your comment is quite good, you should think about writing a novel… I think you’ve got something there. drop the racey pics on blog though come up with something more creative to attract attention. Signing off!

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