Gallery Chat Special – A Walk Through King Tut’s Tomb With Howard Carter /Cinco

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The second door found in the antechamber lead to the prized burial chamber where Howard Carter hoped King Tutankhamun’s mummy waited for him,

But first they needed to remove and label all the treasures found in the antechamber,

Carter and Callender wrap and pad a life size "guardian figure" in a large wooden stretcher









Transporting objects to the laboratory for photographs, recording and conservation










Now it was time to open the burial chamber,

With the removal of a very few stones the mystery of the golden wall was solved. We were at the entrance of the actual burial-chamber of the king, and that which barred our way was the side of an immense gilt shrine built to cover

Lord Carnarvon (left) and
Howard Carter break through
to the burial chamber

and protect the sarcophagus. It was visible now from the Antechamber by the light of the standard lamps, and as stone after stone was removed, and its gilded surface came gradually into view, we could, as though by electric current, feel the tingle of excitement which thrilled the spectators behind the barrier…

It was, beyond any question, the sepulchral chamber in which we stood, for there, towering above us, was one of the great gilt shrines beneath which kings were laid. So enormous was this structure (17 feet by 11 feet, and 9 feet high, we found afterwards) that it filled within a little the entire area of the chamber, a space of some two feet only separating it from the walls on all four sides, while its roof, with cornice top and torus moulding, reached almost to the ceiling. From top to bottom it was overlaid with gold, and upon its sides there were inlaid panels of brilliant blue faience, in which were represented, repeated over and over, the magic symbols which would ensure its strength and safety. Around the shrine, resting upon the ground, there were a number of funerary emblems, and, at the north end, the seven magic oars the king would need to ferry himself across the waters of the underworld. The walls of the chamber, unlike those of the Antechamber, were decorated with brightly painted scenes and inscriptions, brilliant in their colours, but evidently somewhat hastily executed. From Eyewitness to



 Inside the sarcophagus were endless surprises…


To be continued…



Note: From TourEgypt website,

Clearance of the Antechamber was begun on December 27th 1922. It took seven weeks to finish, and used up more than a mile of cotton wadding and 32 bales of calico to secure the objects. Afterwards, and at the end of each successive season, the objects were crated up with extreme care using hundreds of feet of timber, and transported to the Nile river using the human powered Decauville (narrow gauge) railway. Though only a relatively short distance, the train track was A guard at the door of the tomb of Tutankhamun during the off seasonnot permanent and Carter was given only a meager number of rail-lengths that had to be constantly “leapfrogged”, so it took some 15 hours to move the train to the river during the heat of the summer months.

Egypt Feature Story

Excavating the Tomb of Tutankahmun

by Jimmy Dunn


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